Matthias Baerlocher

Author of two thrillers till now…


I’m even a music producer, some would say; He tries to be one…
The website of my music (about ten releases till now) is and the label is eXpare recordings.

Some Drum and Bass from the album; Technical Breaks I – War against DNB

Some fine Electro form the album; Neomenia

Some Goa or Psy from the album; Technical Goan – Challenge Num

I do even accept props buys or simply; If you should achieve to like it, through all my USA pressure and their system gesoxxe… So simply buy it, the dream I have is to make money enough for a EP/LP/eventually even CD release…

Another overview over all the releases you find here at

Some meant to me, that most of my music does have somekind of unique style… It seems to be simply this: I don’t like to use Low-Cut or High-Cut (honestly cause of somekind of global behaviorism by USA’s pop industry… (yes yes, I’m Awytok even…)), but their is ADSR, the FM Matrix and an equalizer eXisting…



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