Matthias Baerlocher

Author of two thrillers till now…

Grown -> Somehow Grown

Cover - Grown

The pressure to write this thriller was immense and it still does contain type errors as even some mistakes within the storyline and blog chapters…

I’ve decided to overwork it fully to “Somehow Grown”, this title will fit anyway better and it should become then somekind of perfect artwork…

My simple problem is, that I am drown in wired system pressure fully made by USA! They want to prevent this book fully! But, hm, hm, hm other lands do have some other opinions about this book… Why they do have an opinion about this book, this I don’t eXplain.

Just I did insult the modern civilization of the version USA, the USA Illuminati and the USA Scull and this humanity wide! Some figured this insult is warrantable and Grown tried, Somehow Grown will describe it!

You can buy Grown @ Amazon – Grown by Matthew B, for some support I would be thankful. Some music of mine is released worldwide @ the known MP3 stores, just check out the music tab…

Matthias Bärlocher
Zurich – Switzerland


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