Matthias Baerlocher

Author of two thrillers till now…


I’m the author of the thriller “Grown” and “0.37, A try to eXplain USA something…”:


I’m born on the 29. January 1980…

I had a couple of jobs in my youth, the money did I spend mainly for my Computer. I went even to the Gymnasium in Zug City within the same time range.

With 16 years, so 1996 did I start with Aggressive Inline Skating after Skiing and Judo, even if I had my scars on my ventral, cause of the midriff hernia, with which I’m born with.

I left the gymnasium with 18 years and started to work for a year in a shop for video and computer games, it was the N64 and Playstation time range.

In the middle of the year 2000 did I finish my education as Multimedia Producer SAE, I finished it with diploma, I worked just for about 2 years in this profession and the Internet website boom fell together and left some unemployed, even me…

I passed some years with doing absolutely nothing and started around 2005, with my newly buyed PC to produce fully software synth generated Music. (

Around September 2011 will I spread my first releases under the artist names: Awytok, Darktok, Sumadartson, Xeras. They will appear on a bunch of global MP3 stores worldwide…

I even started around 2005 my first try to write, but didn’t succeeded. Then did happen something strange around 2009, future fell in shape of dreams and daydreams down on me and ghosts punished me into write…

After the first try, the thriller “Grown”, I started the second try “0.37 – A try to eXplain USA something…” This thriller is now available as the Version 1.0 on this website in shape of a pdf file.


Matthias Bärlocher
Zurich – Switzerland


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