Matthias Baerlocher

Author of two thrillers till now…

0.37 – A try to…

0.37 – A try to eXplain USA something…

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Cover - 0.37 - A try to eXplain USA something...

A snippet out of this book:

“The first thing, which he saw, was the person, as it seemed an agent, the second thing, that catched his sight, was the environment, which was stained with Illuminati symbols, the third thing was, with a concentrated closer sight the file itself.
He did start his sight system fully, what were some pointed system parts, some contacts and what he calls; What I recognize… Space even.
This file was the file about himself and the topic was the war declaration, that he sent once to DIA, CIA and NSA, which did even end among ODNI…
Now did Awytok check the persons thoughtful and just mumbled through blackdoor close to this person’s ear: Cause of the reasons, Idiot!
Awytok turned around and drunk his coffee restlessly, did put the cup into the sink and walked through the floor to the steps, through divers blackdoors, still on ground as distracting, as a hide.
He went downstairs, took the last steps on the street and enlightened a cigarette…
So, a confidential file did went out, who is he, I wonder… Did Awytok thought.
Now did the mention reach the ear, a little bit time shifted even.
Cause of the reasons, Idiot!

The reasons… I really forgot through this thoughtful, Awytok’s reasons…
Agent Frazers did take three steps back and started with the first page again. Awytok’s private data, Awytok’s personal detail, Awytok’s particulars…
The next thing, that he thought was; Why do I think in this way? And agent Frazers became scared, scared as hell…”

The author’s comment:

“This book is released as a thriller, means its fictional material.
I did use real names at most places, just cause; Yes, yes!
It’s even for author’s not illegal, as it is for the free democratic press not illegal!
Some things could have consequences for the author, some things could have consequences for the describe persons and institutions…

This completely book is written in Zurich Switzerland and it does represent the private opinion of the author, Matthias Bärlocher.

Some things did happen, some things not…
Some things are flowered, some things darkened…

So should they go to the court against me cause of slander xor insult, I will just ask for the evidence against; The provement (!) that it isn’t so, what I described here. Then they will have to talk…

It’s my word on what I’ve seen through space and blackdoor, which is written down here.
And I mention again, it’s in the end the private opinion of myself, the author Matthias Bärlocher.

Another private opinion of myself is, that it does make sense to smoke the page numbers of the book, through a small blackdoor overlaps, with the next best cigarette. Then will happen some demons, most won’t accept them hopefully, it’s the book mindwash machine made by Pentagon xor NSA or simply the US Americans even and mainly as it seems, as even somekind of version made by the Illuminati worldwide.
(I decided to not to take this mention out, it’s about the book-/reader-tracer even…)”

Matthias Bärlocher
Zurich – Switzerland

And some text-snippets of this book…

Snippet I:
[-] Sanity
Behind every schizophrenia/schizophrenic person, does stand a or a bunch of sociopaths!
Who created who?
Who became better, who became worse?
Who doesn’t control who, who does control who?
What is/was actually the goal, with calling somebody a schizophrenic person or to send he/she to psychiatry?
Some mean psychiatry does take care of unexplainable things, which nobody can handle…
Some mean psychiatry does cure…
Some other mean, in psychiatries do happen by blackdoor experiments, in the shape of behaviorized, androidized humans… What actually is illegal satanism…
Awytok_eXpare [-]

Snippet II:
“Hello Mr. Awytok,
I’m not just James Frazers, I’m NSA agent James Frazers and this is my private E-Mail account address.
Be smart and don’t send it to NSA, CIA or any kind of US/USA institution.
I will be from worth for you and you are already from worth for me. I will be honest to you:
I do have the fully file of the cases, that you caused. It became honestly in the begin ignored, until scape damages started to happen and the addresses did lead often to you and to the Conspiracy 0.37…
Don’t watch me as an enemy… Trust me…
I want to contact you, cause I want to prevent worse for USA. The rock you started to roll down a mountain of the Rockies, became already an avalanche.
Don’t get this wrong, I do watch you as an enemy, but I wanna discuss with you. I wanna discuss with you, without, that the NSA itself does know about.
I’m honestly really a NSA agent, but, my international contacts aren’t that bad, which could become even of worth for you.
You could treat me now and just send it to NSA, themselves…
You could cooperate with me and you will have even some worth for yourself…
The worth, that I am talking about, is actually, to make your life more save for yourself. You are an enemy of the state, in the eyes of USA and the White House and their/our influence is huge.
The key to this is, details, about your war declaration enumeration. This is what I want.
With this will I start to play, to solve the demon of the Conspiracy 0.37, that you caused, means in the end less pressure for you.
If you confirm, so send me just and E-Mail to this address. I do like hot games as you…
Best wishes
Agent James Frazers in privacy”

Snippet III:
Chapter 14: Good Morning, Awytok
Awytok did turn form one side to the other, just once, he did reach from a dreamscape, which was filled up with Elvjanas, exactly three in count.
What he did see. Adult female Elves, short after the adolescence, Elvjanas even. He was allowed to lick their Vulvas and this one after the other. Somehow came in a dream bowl a white beer bottle in between, but he achieved to resist, what wasn’t a bigger problem actually.
Wet vulvas even.
Some US American readers really started to try to explain to the author something about pedophilia…
But he just did type, that the vulvas of the Elvjanas had a nice tasty flair, from somewhere did he remember a nightmare, which the number 2149 did cause…
Awytok did itch in his bed and Psitekk did fly by, he was already awake at this Sunday morning part of this spring.
Slowly did the Elvjanas leave, they flew away through the dreamscape and screamed in a about wave prevented manner: Wake Up!
Awytok opened his eyes and did stroke over his face. Coffee, coffee, coffee…
Awytok closed his eyes and did stroke a second time over his face and then with his left hand over his belly with the big scars. Then mumbled he:
“To masturbate or not to masturbate, this must be the question… I will meet Michelle today, probably better keeping it…”
Somewhere was Awytok across some time seen, how he did shivid active with his legs, while he talked to a female.
Finally did he stood up, at home out of his bed. He sat at the border and watched out of the window, it was still drab and the sun will have a while.
“Arr, yes some Guinness were it… A good morning to myself…” He scratched over his chin.
Some things were right, some things weren’t right.
“Coffee, with at least three spoons of chocolate powder. And this now…” He stood up and went to the kitchen. He did recognize Psitekk flying around.
“It looks stable…” Did he mention through the spacedoor.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m pretty busy with 0.37, you know. 3M !!! was really the undefinable firewall for USA and all around the world… Somehow, they were the first row, were they?”
“What? Why?” Did Psitekk answer in two questions.
“Arr, forget it, divers…”


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